The purpose of the Wisconsin Health Atlas is to help make Wisconsin the healthiest state by connecting local change makers with data that informs and supports their health promotion efforts.

Our Mission

Our 3-year mission is to create an accessible web portal that connects community groups working to improve health to the local area data and information they need to inform and evaluate their work.

We aim to provide a comprehensive picture of the multiple factors that impact health, including individual behaviors, policies, systems, and environments.

Our Goal

To serve as a data resource for people working to improve Wisconsin's health as they

  • Target interventions and resources where they are needed most

  • Monitor trends over time at meaningful geographic levels

  • Evaluate ongoing interventions, policies, and programs intended to improve health

Where we're headed

We are continually working to develop content for the Atlas, including:

  • Local-area obesity rate estimates based on Electronic Health Record data

  • Measures of the physical environment, such as walkability, pedestrian safety, and park access

  • Measurement of policies that affect the health of Wisconsinites, including school wellness policies and comprehensive plans

  • Historical data on our statewide indicators

If you have ideas of content that you would like to see on the Wisconsin Health Atlas, we would love to hear from you. Please send your ideas to